February 7, 2008

the 'R' word

I don't like the word retirement much. It sounds like something old people do. I certainly don't feel old enough to do it. So I'll just say yesterday was my last ever day working at the library.

My last couple of weeks have been spent frantically pinching everybody's off-desk time trying to get everything up to date for my replacement...whoever that may be. I cleared out my desk, filling up 3 wastepaper bins in the process. I sent farewell messages to all my Interlibrary Loan buddies from other library services, and got lots of replies from them wishing me all the best, good luck, telling me I'd be missed etc, which was lovely and very heart-warming.

My last day was simply fantastic. There was a lovely afternoon tea with speeches and gifts and flowers. And there was singing too! Sweet gorgeous Katie had written a farewell song to the tune of Hey Jude - what else? - and everyone sang ... it was hilarious. Then after work there was a dinner with a dozen close work mates. But it all felt a little surreal too. The library has been a big part of my life for 16 years which adds up to a lot of good times and a million laughs. I felt very sad to be leaving all my workmates. There have been so many special people I've worked with over the years. A few of them have become lifelong friends so of course I'll still see them.

I have no definite plans for the future. I'll have more time to spend meeting friends, reading, patchworking, knitting, exercising, and practising my choir music, and hopefully there'll be some worthy cause that could use another volunteer. But who am I going to make cakes for?

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