May 2, 2008

cafe zum zum

We've been trying to eat at Rumi for ages but keep leaving it too late to get a table. We were hoping to go last night for Nick's birthday but didn't phone them until the beginning of this week and once again they were booked out. So we went to Cafe Zum Zum instead, and weren't disappointed as the food was fantastic. The Age Good Food Guide scores it at 13 out of 20 compared to Rumi's 14.5 so Rumi must be pretty outstanding. Between the 5 of us we had 5 entrees and 4 mains which was probably one dish too many - but the food was so delicious there were no leftovers.

First up were the dips - the usual middle eastern ones and all very good.

Next - probably my favourite - was a warm chickpea salad with yoghurt and tahini dressing with squares of toasted Arabic bread through it - very very good.

Next were two lots of pastries. First crispy feta and mint triangles

followed by fat rolls filled with lamb and pinenuts and drizzled with pomegranate essence.

The first main was Moroccan lamb with Ras el hanout and saffron rice

Next was Harissa chicken with chick peas and almond rice

then prawns marinated in coriander and chilli with cous cous.

Next was my favourite of the main courses - snapper with tahini sauce

and lastly lamb shish kebabs with saffron rice and tahini dressing. We were all much too full to have dessert so will have to do that next time. And there definitely will be a next time.


Cindy said...

I think I like Cafe Zum Zum and Rumi roughly equally, so you didn't miss out at all!

I like the fatteh, too, but the highlight of my night at Zum Zum was definitely the feta and mint pastries. *drool*

Jude said...

Don't feel at all disappointed then Cindy - thanks! Will def. make an effort to go to Rumi soon to compare tho' ;)

Jackie said...

The dips, everything actually, look wonderful and those pastries! Nummy!