April 25, 2008

anzac day

I've never liked baking biscuits much. Probably because I don't like eating them nearly as much as I like to eat cake. But Georgie has been asking me to make Anzac biscuits for ages, and even emailed me this recipe link. I loved the sound of toasted macadamias in Anzacs - so Australian - and this being Anzac day I relented.

Disaster! I thought the mixture didn't feel right when I was rolling it into balls. When I tasted one (it disintegrated into crumbs when I lifted it off the baking sheet) I realised I'd left out the sugar. Oh dear, sorry Georgie. I couldn't be bothered starting again. My (feeble) excuse for leaving out a vital ingredient was because I was making this for lunch at the same time...

Yet another recipe from my delicious stash - Thai pumpkin soup with coriander pesto - the best soup ever! It was quite a lot of trouble, probably best saved for a special occasion, but definitely another keeper. The recipe is here. So one hit and one miss today!

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Jen said...

The soup sounds wonderful - am going to make it today!