May 28, 2008

nanaimo bars

I noticed I still had an old recipe for Nanaimo Bars when I was looking for the one for Lattice slice the other week. Like the Lattice slice, I used to make these bars back in the 80's for afternoon teas at various playgroup/kinder/Mothers' Club meetings. Then yesterday I came across this post on the wonderful Cakespy blog, and that gorgeous photo made my mouth water. So of course I had to make a batch right away. My recipe is almost exactly the same :
Nanaimo Bars
2 cups crushed digestive biscuits ( I used McVitie's)
125 unsalted butter, melted
1/3 cup insweetened cocoa
1/2 cup chopped pecans (or walnuts)
1 cup coconut
1 egg, lightly beaten.
1/4 cup sugar (I intentionally left this out as the other layers are very sweet)

Preheat oven to 170C. Mix all ingredients together and press into a non-stick paper-lined tin measuring approx. 27cms x 17cms. Bake 15 mins. Cool slightly. While base is baking, make the filling:

125 g unsalted butter
2 cups icing sugar
2 T custard powder
2 T milk
1/2 t vanilla extract

Cream all ingredients together until light and fluffy. Spread over cooled base. Refrigerate while making the topping:

180g dark chocolate
60g unsalted butter.

Melt together in a heat-proof bowl over boiling water. Stir until smooth and spread over top. Chill until set and cut into bars to serve.


Cindy said...

Mmmm, I bet these tasted fantastic! We had a Canadian student at uni a few years ago who made these for a morning tea - we couldn't get enough of them. :-)

jac said...

Yum! These look sooo good.

Have you seen the peanut butter bars at Mrs Fields? They're quite similar but the middle is sweetened peanut butter. I'm sure it sounds odd, but they're delicious!

Jude said...

Hi Cindy & Jac... Yes, they tasted so good that I had to get them out of the house quick smart or I would have eaten them all. Will have to check out those peanut butter bars Jac.

GollyGumDrops said...

Wow, these look great. We're going to a picnic in the park this weekend, I'll give them a go.