January 18, 2008

billy's chocolate cupcakes

As my Billy's Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes were such a success I was looking forward to trying out the chocolate version. I found both recipes here. I converted the ingredients to the Australian equivalents and again used the all-important cake flour. The raw mixture was smooth and silky and tasted delicious, and all was going well...

until they were baked. Every single one collapsed as soon as I took them out of the oven. There was enough mixture for about 30 so I cooked the 2nd batch longer but the same thing happened.

No way was I going to throw them all away and waste all that butter and chocolate. So I resurrected them by turning them upside down and trimming away the "crusts", then frosting them with ganache. Think I'll be sticking to chocolate cupcakes made with cocoa in future rather than melted chocolate.

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