August 22, 2008

chickpea & tuna patties

A Sydney friend sends me the Good Living section out of Sydney Morning Herald on a Tuesday. I prefer it to Epicure in the Melbourne Age - there are more recipes and the articles are better, though some are a bit irrelevant when we don't live in Sydney. Jeremy and Jane Strode - co-owners of Bistrode in Surry Hills - have a weekly column. These chickpea and tuna patties were one of their recipe's from this week and they were delicious. I reckon they taste even better than the ones I usually make with mashed potato, with the added bonus that they're much quicker to make. The recipe is here. I made the slight alteration of rolling the patties in cornflake crumbs before frying for a bit of crunch.


Anonymous said...

Yummie!!!!!!, This is the best recipe. Thanks.

Sweet and Savory said...

I bet these are good. What a perfect lunch with a salad on the side. Yum.

Gal Friday said...

Very interesting recipes(I love the idea of combining chickpeas and tuna for a healthy meal) and blog you have here.
I am very happy to discover someone who likes both the writers Kate Atkinson and Jane Gardam--two of my favorite authors.