December 18, 2007

christmas baking

I love summer. Anything up to about 35 degrees feels like heaven to me. But round about now when I my annual urge to bake Christmassy stuff takes over, I can't help feeling a bit envious of all the northern hemisphere foodie bloggers. They describe the glorious feeling of retreating into a warm cosy kitchen when it's cold and dark (and even snowing) outside and just baking to their hearts content. While I have to pick my (cooler) days so that the oven blasting away doesn't make the house even hotter.

Luckily the last few days have been mildish, so the mince pies are finished and given away or frozen. I never leave any just sitting around or I'd eat the whole lot. I took a plateful to our work Xmas lunch today - all extra contributions being gratefully received as we have only $110 to spend on food for 15.

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