November 15, 2007

i say clivia, you say clive-ia

We're looking forward to a more manageable garden when we move to a new place, wherever that may be. We love our big garden and getting out in it, but neither of us particularly likes gardening. It's looking pretty good at the moment, despite the drought. The Clivias which line the driveway have put on their best show ever, and their glowing orangeness has attracted several comments from passers-by as it does every spring.

Every year when I pick the first bunch I can't help thinking that the stalks would look more attractive if they were dark green instead of looking exactly like a bunch of celery. But I suppose Nature knows best.

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Terri said...

Yoo hoo Terri - worked it out. What a lovely blog and I will follow it with interest. Must reserve those books too. LOL Terri xx